Sunday, March 15, 2009

And finally...what everyone has been begging to see...

the size of my ever-expanding girth has been the curiousity of many, many people, and though they have begged to see pics, I have hesitated...only because I didn't have too many pics, we lost the memory card they were on, we found the card, and then lost it again, aaaaand I have been pretty busy! Maybe it was my subconconscious way of attempting to protect you from the disturbing images! :-) I feel huge!

Notice the glee on my child's face above....I had given her pennies out of my purse to throw in the fountain to keep her occupied while RT took pictures....I purposely zipped up my purse so she wouldn't find other things out of it to throw in, totally something she would do! When instead, we suddenly noticed her immersing the entire purse! Thankfully, we snatched it out fast enough that nothing inside got wet!

These are of me at 25 weeks...almost 6 and 1/2 months. Baby boy, still nameless yes, has been practicing his hockey checks already and is quite strong for such a little guy! Daddy is staying on my tail about vitamins and anything else that will make his boy strong. Hopefully this kid will have his build more than mine if he is to survive hockey academy! Thankfully, they don't make ice-skates too tiny and he won't be able to start until he is at least 3 or 4!

I'm also throwing in some pics of Ivy at this same park, that were too cute to leave out...She loves being outside!

Birthday girl!

Two years old!

We can hardly believe that our baby girl is two now. She has been such a blessing and joy from birth, not to mention the easiest child ever to care for! She is very well-behaved and loves to cuddle mom and dad, which we of course LOVE! It hasn't always been this way with our little Ivy. Though loving, she wasn't much of a cuddler at first, and the drastic change has been so sweet! We thank the Lord for her sweet spirit and beautiful smile every day! She truly lights up our lives!

She turned two in January. And we celebrated out at Uncle Tommy and Auntie Karen's with all the cousins, Aunt's, Uncles, Grand and Great-parents, and Even Grandpa Steve, and Grandma Kim came up!

I made Ivy's cake this year, a castle cake...or what was supposed to be a castle cake, though it looked more like the leaning tower of Pisa with extra spires. :-) I was discouraged at the way it came out, though everyone tried to reassure me that it was beautiful. But my little princess knew just what to do to make me feel better about it, and totally melted my heart when she walked into the kitchen and saw it....Her immediate response was 'ooooooh! preeeetty!' as she pointed at it. From there on, I didn't care that it wasn't perfect, my little girl was happy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Christmas Continued...

Christmas continued at home with our own gift exchange and opening all our shipped-in gifts from various family members. Ivy's count was at least 5 times more than ours. And she was definitely a pro at opening them by the time it all ended! Her biggest gift from mommy and daddy was a brand new little kitchen, complete with dishes, pots, pans, utensils, and hot pads. She promptly started serving us 'meals'. It's been fun to see how quickly her imagination has grown with this little set! She even knows how to properly use a hot pad! I guess she's been watching me more than I realized!

Then! it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Boca! Cousin Griffin had traveled down, all the way from Virginia and boy! did he and Ivy have some catching up to do! They did everthing in pairs! from assisting each other with the opening of gifts, to jumping on the trundle bed in Grandma's guest room. That was fun to watch, since Griff was twice Ivy's size and discovered that the higher he jumped, the higher Ivy would bounce. She LOVED it!

The two of them were quite spoiled between having Grandma, Grandpa, Honey, Duke, Grandma Gen (great-grandparents), and Uncle Brad and Aunt Manda to cater to them! Mommy and Daddy had fun too!

Before coming home, Grandma treated us to the zoo, which Ivy and Griffin were huge fans of! We hung out for several hours visiting monkeys, panthers, tigers, and all kinds of animals! They loved it!

Christmas! with Cousins Cooper and Cole!

We were spoiled this year with 4 separate Christmas affairs! The first, at RT's cousin Megan's home, with her hubby Clay, their two adorable boys Cooper and Cole, and all the Webers. We spent Christmas Eve opening the traditional 'jammies-only' gifts, which is something the Weber clan does every Christmas Eve. We gorged on yummies, dressed the kids in their cute new jammies, and attempted to get pics of the three of them all sitting and smiling at the same time...With all of them under 2, that was just not possible! and as you can see from the top pic, they were tired of us trying!
Then it was off to Uncle Tommy and Auntie Karen's home in Groveland, where they live in a beautiful house on a beautiful lake! We had a wonderful time! and it seemed that we were either eating, or opening presents the entire day! With each new wave of guests, more food was served, and more gifts appeared. Ivy loved it! She, Cooper, and Cole enjoyed helping everyone else open their gifts too, and as you can see from one of the pictures below, they didn't care what was meant for who! they were enjoying everyone's gifts! :-)
We are truly blessed with the family we've been given! Through all the fun, it was never forgotten, the true meaning of Christmas, and we loved being a part of all the Weber traditions and the way they brought God into the center of it all! The love and closeness of this family is indescribable!

Odds and ends....catching up!

I know i'ts been waaaaaay too long since we've posted...things have been pretty crazy around here! And enough people have been trying to kick my butt into gear about this blog, SO! here are a few shots that just couldn't be left behind....Over the next few days, I'll be attempting to post some Christmas pics, 2nd birthday pics, randomness, and then the latest and greatest of my ever-expanding girth!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

baby boy!

Ivy is going to have a little brother! and she is very excited! So are mommy and daddy. :-) In fact, daddy is already shopping for hockey gear for his future all-star hockey player. :-)

Our little boy will be the first grandson on mommy's side and the second on daddy's! For now, it looks like he will be our nameless child, since we can't think of a single boy name that we both like! Thankfully, we still have 5 months to figure that out! We will keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our little elf...

You'd never guess it, but Ivy cried pretty much the entire time we were trying to get these pictures taken. Such a stinkuh! :-) She will never be a model, that's for sure!